The date is set and the location chosen!

Join us for National Chip and Dip Day, Thursday March 23, 2017! (Yes, we know it’s OVER a month away.)

Landry’s on Sahara has been a staple in the Las Vegas Valley for some time and made a big splash when the holding company purchased the Golden Nugget in 2005.  You’ve probably eaten at a Landry’s restaurant and didn’t even know it!  They are the owner of these famous brands:

(This is not a paid endorsement from the Landry’s organization or any of their brands…just passing on newly found knowledge.)

But we will buy you a drink if you tweet, friend, tag or share us!  Use the hashtag #HHGLV so we can find you!

Hope you can join us!  We’ll be the loud bunch at the bar!

Where Did We Go?

That’s a fair question don’t you think?

We’re still here.

Just waiting on Biscuit to send in her review of B.A.R. (Very awesome place by the way) and for Johnny T’s review about a few places that he had the opportunity to travel to. (SIGH)

So we wait…but not for long.

I am in the process of getting something together for a random holiday in March.  Can’t decide on Thursday, March 16th, Everything You Do Is Right Day, Sunday, March 19th National Corn Dog Day or Thursday, March 23rd National Chip and Dip Day. It’ll come to me soon, so be on the lookout for an invite soon.




The Day of Awesomeness: November 12, 2016

Why is this date so important?  We will give you three reasons; tater tots, craft beer and wine. Sounds amazing right?  No it’s not what we’re serving for Thanksgiving, it’s the focus of the 3 festivals that are happening on that one day!

Obviously people who say there’s nothing to do in Vegas don’t drink.

LEE_WineExp16_FlyerThe Lee’s Wine Experience has been around for 14 years and shows no signs of stopping!  The event is a fund raiser for Lee’s Helping Hand Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization focusing on helping Las Vegas valley community strive and grow in areas of education, disabled family assistance and family safety.

Time: 4 pm – 8 pm
Location: Thomas & Mack Center
Price: $60 in advance (any Lee’s Discount Liquor or participating sponsors) or $70 at the door
Discount tickets can be found on Groupon: CLICK HERE 


https-%2f%2fcdn-evbuc-com%2fimages%2f25357254%2f191960118166%2f1%2foriginalThe Tater Tots and Beer Festival hits Henderson this year with it’s

gluten fest of domestic and craft beer samples and taters. Yes that sentence is redundant, but we cannot wait to sample everything!  They are only selling a limited number of tickets to this event, and have already sold out of the GA stash, so you better hop too it!.

Time: 11 am – 2 pm (the 3 pm – 6 pm slot is SOLD OUT)
Location: Henderson Pavilion
Price: $75 per person VIP (GA is SOLD OUT)

12472487_645864588905322_795893374065533766_nRounding out the Saturday of amazingness is the 3rd Annual Sunset Park’d featuring New Vistas Community Brew’s Best Beer Festival at Sunset Park.  Food trucks, craft beer live music and more. This is built as a family event….we know. So more than likely kids will not be allowed in the beer festival.  Just make sure to bring a babysitter/DD with you to this all day event.  There will be over 30 food trucks and all proceeds from the event go to New Vista, which provides assisted-living and group-home programs for the intellectually challenged.

Just like last year, some vendors agreed to offer what Sunset Park’d is calling a “tasting dish”. These tasting dishes will consist of (3) three bite sized specialty food items, at a price of $6 or less. Sounds NOM!

Time: 12 pm – 8 pm
Location: Sunset Park (our suggestion, carpool)
Price: FREE! (Purchase of food and drink is your responsibility unless otherwise noted)

As always, please drink responsibility and govern your behavior accordingly.  If you attend any, or all (if you are brave of heart and liver of steel) of these events take photos and let us know your thoughts.

To keep up to date about festivals and upcoming Happy Hour Gang meetings, check out our calendar HERE!

Fall Beer & Wine Festivals

aef655da66705d116cb87d52e46cea9bHello, HHG visitors and members!  We are excited to help keep your beer and wine festival schedule full!  Along with some other local events that will be taking place.

On our calendar page, you will find information, links to discount tickets and more!  It’s going to take a bit of time, but it will be done soon! Also, if you see a festival that we haven’t added to our calendar, let us know!

Of course, as we attend a few of these ourselves, we’ll talk about it here.  If you see a host at any event or happy hour, come and say hi!  We’d love to know who reads our blog!

If you see a host at any event or happy hour, come and say hi!  We’d love to know who’s reading our blog!  CLICK HERE to meet our hosts!


A Drink is Only a Happy Hour Away!


It’s happy hour time! it’s happy hour time!  Let’s have a happy time, with happy hour time! (We know you were singing that!)

The place is El Segundo Sol located at the front of the Fashion Show Mall on Las Vegas Blvd.  People watching, Two Bite Tacos, $5 Margaritas, $6 Sangrias….it’s like this location was made in heaven!

Friday, September 30, 2016 – 4 pm – 7 pm

RSVP on  Eventbrite or Facebook!

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Herbs & Rye

Meeting Date: Friday, May 13, 2016
Number of Attendees: 7
Reviewed By: ki…ki…ki…Kina

Where in the world do we start about this place? How about at the front door.  We arrived early to set up for the hoards of people we just knew were going to come,  yeah, that didn’t happen.  More on that later.  The bar opens at 5 pm, not 4:45, 4;55 but promptly at 5 pm.  So we waited with about 20 other people.  Never have we been to a place that commanded such a following or dedicated crowd.  Our interest has been peaked!

Located next to a gas station and a strip mall riddled with vape shops and a dive bar, you wouldn’t expect to find this place. It’s like a hologram suite on the Star Ship Enterprise (TNG):  It’s a regular day outside, but inside you are in an entirely different environment. Herbs & Rye is for all intents and purposes a Speakeasy.  Secret doors to offices, dapper waiters and hosts and a drink menu to die for!  The red velvet walls, low lighting and great atmosphere lent to the cool vibe of this local tavern.

They graciously set up a nice table for us and took great care to make sure we were taken care of during the time we were there. The owner, who appeared out of one of the secret bookshelf doors was super chill and matched the attitude of the bar he created.

Let’s talk about the menu.  For Happy Hour, well drinks, beers and few wines were priced 1/2 off, but the biggest draw for the HH crowd is the half off steaks!  YES!  We are talking a full sized, cooked deliciously until you are ready to run around the restaurant and ask everyone “Why are you not eating this!??”   For appetizers, there were two that qualified for HH pricing: Spicy Mussels and Littleneck Clams.  The mussels, served in a tomato stew, was a plate full of flavor.  There’s enough to feed 2-3 people and  to use the baguette to clean up the leftovers.  Trust us, you will want to do that. The Littleneck Clams  in butter, herbs and lemon…..give us a second we are reliving that moment.  Divine.  It was like the butter grew feet and danced all over your tongue with lemon leading them in a lively version of Riverdance.  Again, use the baguette people!  Just use it!

Jonny T of Scared Scotchless loved the whiskey selection.  He was like a giddy little school boy who was on his way to see his favorite teacher!  An active member of The  Scotch Addicts group on the book of face, he didn’t waste time in telling the other members of this hidden gem.  Read about his adventure soon on his page Scared Scotchless.

The cocktail menu is separated by periods of time: Gothic,  Golden Age,  Old School Age, Prohibition, Years of Reform, Rat Pack Era, Tiki Boom, and Revival.  That takes you from 1776- present time. ARE YOU KIDDING US!!?  Most of the group stayed in the Prohibition section with The Bees Knees and the Mary Pickford. To describe it is to raise your expectations, but we want you to be the judge of the how great these drinks are and try them for yourself.  But just to let you know…The Bees Knees is just that….the bees gosh darn freaking knees.

This location rates high on our drinkable scale.  The limited HH drinks were just like other bars, but we recommend that you go with higher price expectations and try some of their specialty cocktails and have the freaking steak!!

Herbs & Rye is located at 3713 W. Sahara in Las Vegas Nevada.  Reservations are highly recommended 702-982-8036

The Happy Hour Gang is not associated or affiliated with Herbs & Rye. Reviews are based on the attendees of a planned meeting by the members and hosts of The Happy Hour Gang.