Dressed To Dive For

A New Experience Coming to The Happy Hour Gang

Dressed to Dive For

Back story: the Happy Hour Gang started back in 2009 after a random gathering at a monthly magazine party at the Blue Martini in Town Square. Monthly we would meet up and try different bars around town, local and tourist alike. The last meeting took place in 2017; think it’s time to start it again.

During a casual day at a second job, our host and co-creator, Kina met Jamie. Can you say Enid and Wednesday? After realizing that they shared a similar passion for group outings, dive bars, and simple cocktails they decided to create a fun concept to revive the Happy Hour Gang. Dressed to Dive For will give people a chance to answer that age-old question “When are you ever going to wear that?”

The first meet-up will happen on Friday, January 13 at Champagnes Cafe. Of all the places in Las Vegas to start a fun concept, Champagnes is right at the top of the list.

Champagnes Cafe opened in 1966 as Sundown Liquors and Cocktail Lounge and this is one of Las Vegas’ oldest bars. Taken from the March April 2016 issue of Nevada Magazine …”In addition to Rat Packers, Gregory Sims says the bar was a favorite den of the Hole in the Wall Gang, noting former mobster Frank Cullotta is a current regular.”

We can all agree that COVID changed some things for going out. There were so many missed events, missed memories with the best people… the missed outfits. So this night is a rescue mission for the semi-regular night out. A casual night out, except not. That old 2020 NYE get up? Dust it off and suit up! And well, wear your best to some questionable locations with those good folks we’ve all missed so much!

Champagnes Cafe

First Dressed to Dive For meet-up | January 13, 2023

Upon walking into Champagnes Cafe in a fancy dress, everyone stops drinking their PBR and stares. After you sit down and order a PBR, the initial shock wears off while the murmur of random conversations starts back up.

Our first outing was attended by four people. It was a perfect size for a first event.

We laughed, A LOT, drank, A LOT, and Jamie sang karaoke. Oh and we had tacos from Vera’s Kitchen, the truck in the front of the bar. With permission from the bartender, we were able to bring them to our table. Delicious, local, and just comfortable.

Oh, and the bartender was badass! She kicked someone out with the force of a Klingon preparing for battle. We drank our beer watching intensely like we were in a knitting club sipping tea, waiting to hear the latest gossip. Again, perfect.

We are so excited to keep this event growing and the increased opportunity to see more people come out and join in the fun.

For February, we are heading downtown to the world-popular Dino’s Lounge. Hope you are able to join us!

Until then remember this: It is so hard to leave—until you leave…

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