Vegas Uncork’d by Bon Appétit

OMG!  We jguysavoyust took a peek at the upcoming Vegas Uncork’d event by Bon Appétit…..HOLY CANNOLI!  4 days, 5 properties and beaucoup celebrity chefs (that’s French for a lot), host and food.

Prices for this amazing experience range from $109 per person to $6,450.00 (a private chef table for you and 5 of your closest friends with celebrated chef Guy Savoy). It’s not for the faint of heart, or the lint in your wallet, that’s for sure.

But one day. One day.

Check out our calendar  for this event and other festivals coming to the Vegas Valley.

OH we almost forgot!  Head to the Brews N ‘Ques Festival on Saturday, March 4th and say hi to our very own Sweet Pea, she’s volunteering to drink free. That’s one smart lady!


Cruising….on a Sunday Afternoon…

Yes, we know the song is Groovin on a Sunday Afternoon by The Rascals, but today we wanted to talk about cruising.  No not in our Impala down the strip, but on a boat.  A really big boat.  5 years ago, some Happy Hour Gang members took a cruise to Mexico, we called it the Alcholocaust. (yes in hind sight, the name was…well…let’s just say it wasn’t our finest moment.

This was a cruise that brought a lot of people together whom are still friends today. People bonded over tacos, Unicorn Blood, silly hats and an 80’s prom.

If you didn’t already know, Ki..Ki..Ki..Kina and Johnny T are married, and will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary next year.  So what did they want to do to mark their 1/10th of a century together?  You guessed it!  They want to go on a cruise.

Which brings us to the real reason for this entry: How do we sneak all that alcohol on board?

Now as you know, getting alcohol on board a cruise ship is one that requires cunning, stealth and being calm at the time of boarding.   Here are our top 5 tips for you.

1. Do not pack your alcohol in a carry on bag.

When you head to boarding, your first stop is a metal detector and X-Ray machine. Right behind the boarding agent you will see a bin filled with all the failed attempts to sneak alcohol on board.  Water bottles filled with vodka, 6 packs of water bottles with one bottle filled with gin.  Yup, they all didn’t work. Oh and don’t think about adding a few bottles in the middle of a carton of soda, they will rip it open and check. Plus, X-Ray, duh.

2. Buy one drink on board in a souvenir cup.

Yes we know it’s $20, but you can use the cup again and again with your own stash. Brilliant right?

3. Be consistent.

When you pack your suitcase, remember that consistence is key!  Don’t fold all your shirts and then have all your t-shirts rolled. If you roll everything, not only will you have a lot of extra room, for more stuff, but it will not look suspicious when they open up to check.

4. Small bottles work great.

You know which ones we’re talking about, they are always on sale for $1 at the cash register. A few of those can be easily stored in your toiletry bag. Smart huh?

5. Stuff your shoes.

If you use the plastic liquid flask, stuff them in your shoes, and don’t over fill! See more tips on THIS PAGE.

So a few of the members are getting ready to head to Alaska next year, and if you would might want to join us, give Kerstin Thompson a call at Norwegian Cruise Lines and ask to join The Great Theivagt Cruise. 954.514.4152.


CRUISE RUNNERS Brand Ship Kit Flask 8 Pack Sneak Alcohol Runner Rum Liquor Smuggle Booze Gift (6×32 oz. + 2x8oz.)


The date is set and the location chosen!

Join us for National Chip and Dip Day, Thursday March 23, 2017! (Yes, we know it’s OVER a month away.)

Landry’s on Sahara has been a staple in the Las Vegas Valley for some time and made a big splash when the holding company purchased the Golden Nugget in 2005.  You’ve probably eaten at a Landry’s restaurant and didn’t even know it!  They are the owner of these famous brands:

(This is not a paid endorsement from the Landry’s organization or any of their brands…just passing on newly found knowledge.)

But we will buy you a drink if you tweet, friend, tag or share us!  Use the hashtag #HHGLV so we can find you!

Hope you can join us!  We’ll be the loud bunch at the bar!


Where Did We Go?

That’s a fair question don’t you think?

We’re still here.

Just waiting on Biscuit to send in her review of B.A.R. (Very awesome place by the way) and for Johnny T’s review about a few places that he had the opportunity to travel to. (SIGH)

So we wait…but not for long.

I am in the process of getting something together for a random holiday in March.  Can’t decide on Thursday, March 16th, Everything You Do Is Right Day, Sunday, March 19th National Corn Dog Day or Thursday, March 23rd National Chip and Dip Day. It’ll come to me soon, so be on the lookout for an invite soon.




The Day of Awesomeness: November 12, 2016

Why is this date so important?  We will give you three reasons; tater tots, craft beer and wine. Sounds amazing right?  No it’s not what we’re serving for Thanksgiving, it’s the focus of the 3 festivals that are happening on that one day!

Obviously people who say there’s nothing to do in Vegas don’t drink.

LEE_WineExp16_FlyerThe Lee’s Wine Experience has been around for 14 years and shows no signs of stopping!  The event is a fund raiser for Lee’s Helping Hand Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization focusing on helping Las Vegas valley community strive and grow in areas of education, disabled family assistance and family safety.

Time: 4 pm – 8 pm
Location: Thomas & Mack Center
Price: $60 in advance (any Lee’s Discount Liquor or participating sponsors) or $70 at the door
Discount tickets can be found on Groupon: CLICK HERE 


https-%2f%2fcdn-evbuc-com%2fimages%2f25357254%2f191960118166%2f1%2foriginalThe Tater Tots and Beer Festival hits Henderson this year with it’s

gluten fest of domestic and craft beer samples and taters. Yes that sentence is redundant, but we cannot wait to sample everything!  They are only selling a limited number of tickets to this event, and have already sold out of the GA stash, so you better hop too it!.

Time: 11 am – 2 pm (the 3 pm – 6 pm slot is SOLD OUT)
Location: Henderson Pavilion
Price: $75 per person VIP (GA is SOLD OUT)

12472487_645864588905322_795893374065533766_nRounding out the Saturday of amazingness is the 3rd Annual Sunset Park’d featuring New Vistas Community Brew’s Best Beer Festival at Sunset Park.  Food trucks, craft beer live music and more. This is built as a family event….we know. So more than likely kids will not be allowed in the beer festival.  Just make sure to bring a babysitter/DD with you to this all day event.  There will be over 30 food trucks and all proceeds from the event go to New Vista, which provides assisted-living and group-home programs for the intellectually challenged.

Just like last year, some vendors agreed to offer what Sunset Park’d is calling a “tasting dish”. These tasting dishes will consist of (3) three bite sized specialty food items, at a price of $6 or less. Sounds NOM!

Time: 12 pm – 8 pm
Location: Sunset Park (our suggestion, carpool)
Price: FREE! (Purchase of food and drink is your responsibility unless otherwise noted)

As always, please drink responsibility and govern your behavior accordingly.  If you attend any, or all (if you are brave of heart and liver of steel) of these events take photos and let us know your thoughts.

To keep up to date about festivals and upcoming Happy Hour Gang meetings, check out our calendar HERE!