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The History of a Speakeasy

Of course this will lead to our next location, The Mob Bar.

A Speakeasy was an illicit liquor store or nightclub that operated during the Prohibition.  There’s been reports of  and estimated 100,000 locations in New York city by 1925.  According to the author of the Wikipedia entry;

“The term ‘speakeasy’ might have originated in Pennsylvania in 1888, when the Brooks High-License Act raised the state’s fee for a saloon license from $50 to $500. The number of licensed bars promptly plummeted, but some bars continued to operate illegally. Kate Hester had run a saloon for years in McKeesport, just outside of Pittsburgh. She refused to pay the new license fee and wanted to keep from drawing attention to her illegal business. When her customers got too rowdy, she would hush them by whispering, ‘Speak easy, boys! Speak easy!’  This expression became common in McKeesport and spread to Pittsburgh.”

We are hoping the Mob Bar lives up to the original spirit of the 1920’s speakeasy.  After our visit, we will review the venue here. If you would like to join us, here’s the link to the Facebook invitation.  To keep up with us, sign up for our email updates! Check the HHG Calendar page for dates and times for our next location!

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Downtown Las Vegas, Lounges & Bars, Neighborhood & Local

The Lady Silvia – She’s Classically Elegant

Meeting Date: Thursday January 12, 2012

Host: Derek “Vegas Style Guy” Washington

Specials: Check in on Facebook and tag two people.

Located in the  SoHo Lofts, The Lady Silvia welcomes visitors with an upbeat soundtrack  in a library setting.  18th Century sofas and chairs invite guest to take a book off the shelf and start reading with a glass of Cognac.  But me lady wouldn’t want you to be stuffy!

We love the use of social media and The Lady uses it to its full advantage.  Once you check in on Facebook with two friends, you both will be rewarded!

This was our first visit to The Lady Silvia, but it won’t be our last!


The Happy Hour Gang (HHG) is always looking for new places to review and of course meet. Let us know if you want us to stop by your place!