On the Lookout for New Meeting Places!

We are always looking for new places to cover.

Our basic requirements are:

1. A Long(ish) Happy Hour

We understand that an hour means an hour, but that doesn’t help our members when the hour ends at 5pm and they don’t leave work until 5:30. Or if you know the owner or management team that would extend prices for us, that would cool too.

2. Uncharted Waters

We know about the places on the Strip and a few local bars, but where are some of your favorite places to go that have not been featured on Buzzfeed or flipped in a Bar Rescue?

3. Great Atmosphere

Let’s face it, were not everyone’s cup of tea, so the less hoity, is the best for our toity.  But if this place is something that we should definitely see, we will give it a try and stay on our best behavior.

4. Never the Same Place Twice

We try to never visit the same place twice.  Check out the Past Meetings page to see where we’ve been. (Yes, we know it hasn’t been updated, we’re working on it!) The Calendar page also has some past locations.

That’s about the gist of it. If you would like to host a meeting, drop us a line!  We’d love to have more members!

OH YEAH…here’s our shameless plug:

Join us at our next meeting!  CLICK HERE to reserve your spot at the bar!

Keep Calm and Have a Drink!


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Time to go Coconuts!

When we arrived at Coconuts Beach Bar and Mexican Grill, there was a mix up on our reservations, but of course the gracious staff fixed us up with a great table and brought over Pepe, the bar mascot.  No, he’s not an actual person or an animal.  He’s a large red, pinata in the shape of a donkey…If he wasn’t so big, he would probably be our mascot today :).

The happy hour specials were great; two for one wells and house margaritas, and 50% off appetizers. We will be honest, the margaritas are a work in progress as they are trying to perfect a recipe, but we love that they admit they are still learning! And it was an honor to be a part of the taste test later on that night!  But let’s talk about the Sangria.  Delicious!  A pitcher works great for at least two people, but if you are like us, just order one and add a straw!

The atmosphere at Coconuts reminds us of a great little bar in Mexico where everyday feels like spring break. There’s a small patio area that over looks movie goers as they head to Rave Motion Pictures, and a nice high top table for larger groups right behind the hostess stand.  The huge main bar features hand painted menu boards, with great drinks like Butt Monkey, Malibu Barbie, and the Million Dollar Tequini. The DJ booth resides inside a VW shell next to a second bar in the back of the restaurant that leads into another section.  During the cocktail hour there are tables on the dance floor and stage, but during the evening festivities, they easily disappear.

Let’s talk about the food!  OMG!  If you don’t try the Coconut Cancun Calamari, your life will forever be bland!  Three of us devoured four plates in a matter of minutes. The Ceviche Cancun is great, but small…though it’s enough for two people, order one just for yourself! But if you and your friends are really hungry, The XL 4 FT Burrito is just for you!  This thing is HUGE!  BIG! Check out the photo for yourself!

All in all, we had an amazing time at Coconuts and many of us plan to go back again, but we eagerly await our invitation to go back  and help taste test the new margarita recipe!

Coconuts offers great events and specials, so  to help you keep up to date here’s a link to their site, their tweets and their status updates.  Thanks Coconuts, you’ve reminded us that our group is fun, wild and full of hyjinx.

For more photos of our “meeting” at Coconuts, head to our FLICKR account.  Next month we’re heading to Paymon’s Mediterranean Cafe & Hookah Lounge.  Please join us!  We are always looking for Happy people to join our gang!  Remember until next time Keep Calm and Get a Drink!