About HHG

Origin of the term Happy Hour, taken from Wikipedia:

One possible origin of the term is from the United States Navy. In the 1920s, “Happy Hour” was slang for a scheduled entertainment period on board a ship during which boxing and wrestling bouts took place; this was a valuable opportunity for sailors to relieve the stress accumulated during the long periods at sea.

The idea of drinking before dinner has its roots in the Prohibition era. When the 18th Amendment and the Volstead Act were passed banning alcohol consumption, citizens would host “cocktail hours”, also known as “happy hours”, at a speakeasy (an illegal drinking establishment) before eating at restaurants where alcohol could not be served. Cocktail lounges continued the trend of drinking before dinner.

“Happy hour” entered civilian use around 1960, especially after a Saturday Evening Post article on military life in 1959.

The Happy Hour Gang started at the opening of Blue Martini Las Vegas in 2009.

The initial group was started with 5 friends and has grown to over 40 members within two years. The premise was simple, meet up once a month at a different place around the Las Vegas Valley.

So far the locations have ranged from The Strip to local haunts. This blog is an attempt to keep track of our favorite locations and to pass on the information to you!

Remember, keep calm and have a drink!



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